Habitarematerials 2022

A democratic material library accessible to all.
Store concept, exhibition architecture, furniture design and curation
Suomen messut Oy
Unto Rautio
Habitarematerials is an experiential and temporary material library aimed at democratizing design and increasing material knowledge. The concept was initially created for the Habitare Design Fair in Helsinki in 2019, and as a recurring event, the exhibition interior and architecture are produced in collaboration with the fair's material suppliers. All furniture and spatial elements are designed by NEMO architects.
Our carefully curated materials range from novelties sourced from abroad to homegrown favourites, allowing visitors to test, try out and combine the materials. We strive to equip visitors with the tools to make informed decisions about materials, encouraging them to explore beyond surface-level features. We believe that informed choices can foster a more sustainable and responsible design industry. Follow Habitrarematerials on Instagram.
We designed the exhibition to be accessible, open and barrier-free from all sides. The floor of the department was made by Bolo, which manufactures woven vinyl carpets, and the curtains hiding the warehouse were made by the Finnish family company Lauritzon. From scrap pieces of CLT elements, Novenberg and Hollola's veneer and laminate made a collage table for the department, which consists of three smaller tables. The benches bordering the booth are Wienerberger's Poroton blocks, whose seat cushions are upholstered in Annala fabric.
The low soapstone table made by Tulikivi served as display furniture for carpet models, and we designed shelf furniture from soapstone and waste pieces of CLT elements. In addition, we received ABL's stone shelf and Durati's textile bowl, which were seen at Habitarematerials in 2019.