Puistokatu Boulevard in Porvoo

Cozy and communal living in a prominent location.
Architectural site plan and reference plan. In site planning.
Porvoo, Finland
20 000 m2
City of Porvoo
Architects Rudanko+Kankkunen Oy, Nomaji, City of Porvoo, Valvontakonsultit Oy
Architects Rudanko+Kankkunen Oy, Nomaji, NEMO architects
The city of Porvoo initiated the plan for the Porvoo Boulevard. In the first phase, two land use sketches were developed as a basis for the site planning reference plan in collaboration with Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen, Nomaji landscape architects, the City of Porvoo, and NEMO architects.
The second step involves preparing a reference plan for the site plan with the same working group. The design focuses on small-scale residential blocks and versatile living environments fostering a sense of community with internal routes and shared spaces, as well as commercial business premises.
The planning area is situated in between two almost opposing environments: the busy main road to Porvoo on one side and a quiet residential area on the other.
The scale of the residential area has been considered carefully, with a protective wall built to shield the houses from traffic noise. The site is divided into three U-shaped blocks, with south-facing yards that provide large, sunny areas and lush greenery. Several apartments receive versatile light and open air. Overall, the plan aims to create a cohesive and liveable community, balancing the bustling energy of the Porvoo Boulevard with the peacefulness of the surrounding residential area.