Helsinki's Hakaniemenranta

Competition proposal for The City of Helsinki
Site plan, competition proposal
Hakaniemi, Helsinki
78 000 m2
City of Helsinki
Anni Vanha-Patokoski, Niamh NiMorain, Vilja Larjosto
Anni Vanha-Patokoski, Niamh NiMorain, Vilja Larjosto and NEMO architects
The competition proposal for Hakaniemenranta was created in collaboration with NEMO architects, architects Anni Vanha-Patokoski, Niamh Ni Mhorain, and Katja Virta, along with landscape architect Vilja Larjosto. The proposal includes a pedestrian city boulevard along the beach, with three blocks of townhouses and a tower-like point building.
Canals separate the blocks, creating cozy urban spaces along their edges. The competition area's northern red brick blocks follow the Kallio district's structure, with almost closed blocks complemented by a tower rising as a landmark. This tower serves as a counterpart to the Merihaa tower.
Merihaka Park is an urban park, featuring a sandy beach that extends towards Hakaniemi in the form of concrete waves. These waves serve as a playground and gather rainwater at the bottom. In contrast, Siltavuori's coastline is more natural, but the park still offers a range of activities. The foundations of the bridge to be demolished provide a sunny area with space for spontaneous activities.
New features such as skating, an outdoor gym, a parkour track, a dance stage, a canoe rental, and an ice kiosk are connected to the express bike path. Kirjanpuisto takes advantage of the area's shade to create a sense of "winter" where art-illuminated snow piles can be enjoyed in the evenings, even in spring. A wading pool is also available for visitors to enjoy as the snow melts.