Villa Rantakataja

A year-round country house in the middle of nature.
Villa and its surrounding buildings (Under construction)
South of Finland
Villa 100 m2, outdoor sauna 20 m2
Honkatalot Oy, Hampton Oy, HandyHand Oy
NEMO architects
Villa Rantakataja is a year-round country house that includes a residential building, an outbuilding, a beach sauna, and a yard. The residential building is situated on a wooded slope, and its southern living yard is connected to the house's terrace.
Towards the courtyard, the house is low, with long eaves that protect the terrace and interior from the sun. The living areas of the house offer a breath taking view of the lake, much like a squirrel's nest. The house's unique character is defined by the roof, which rises to a height of two floors in the northeast corner, forming a loft and a small tower-like corner.
All fixed furniture in the cabin is specifically designed to meet the building's and its residents' needs. The cabin's centrepiece is the fireplace unit, which includes a step, storage space for shoes and logs, a bench, and a remote workstation.
The loft is spacious enough for sleeping and dreaming. The beach sauna comprises two solid log units: a steam room and a sauna chamber. The sauna chamber doubles as a dressing room and a tranquil summer room offering an excellent lake view. The beach sauna also features a green roof, which blends well with its surroundings when viewed from the residential building. Honkatalot Oy was responsible for constructing the house up to the water ceiling, while Hampton Oy handled the other construction and interior work, and Handyhand was responsible for the fixed furniture.