Habitarematerials Milano

A democratic material library accessible to all.
Store concept, exhibition architecture, furniture design and curation
Suomen messut Oy
Sameli Rantanen ja NEMO architects
Habitarematerials is an experiential and temporary material library aimed at democratizing design and increasing material knowledge. The concept was initially created for the Habitare Design Fair in Helsinki in 2019, and as a recurring event, the exhibition interior and architecture are produced in collaboration with the fair's material suppliers. All furniture and spatial elements are designed by NEMO architects.
Our carefully curated materials range from novelties sourced from abroad to homegrown favourites, allowing visitors to test, try out and combine the materials. We strive to equip visitors with the tools to make informed decisions about materials, encouraging them to explore beyond surface-level features. We believe that informed choices can foster a more sustainable and responsible design industry. Follow Habitrarematerials on Instagram.
In April 2023, the Habitarematerials exhibition made its way to Milan as part of the Alcova exhibition complex, curated by Joseph Grima and Valentina Ciuffi. The Alcola exhibition has been one of the most captivating and highly-anticipated events of Milan Design Week in recent years.
We invited 19 Finnish material manufacturers to join us in showcasing their furniture and space elements at the Design Week, adding to the already impressive exhibition area of nearly 300 m2. The geometric space elements, crafted from the materials of the participating companies, transformed the entire exhibition architecture into a magnificent collage, creating a unique and popular experience for the visitors.