NEMO architects
is an award-winning architectural and design practice based in Helsinki. We exist to improve daily life with beautiful, sustainable designs regardless of scale.

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Design is in the details. Small gestures of kindness strengthen relationships; the same applies to good design. Our objects and furniture are made to be used and touched, centring the design around the user’s experience. We integrate sustainability throughout our design process and minimise the negative environmental impact by choosing ecological and sustainable materials. Our objects and furniture are created to last over a lifetime and age gracefully from generation to generation. Both functional and sustainable, we prioritise longevity and waste reduction.


We design unique interiors and memorable store concepts that people want to come back to. Stores and shop interiors are our clients' own environments which reflect not only who they are as a brand but also enhance their customers' everyday experiences. Store interiors and space concepts must be functional and entertaining to use. Our store designs are long-lasting, easily ensembled and multifunctional, empowering the client without compromising quality.


With a passion for storytelling and environmental sustainability, we are dedicated to creating exhibitions that are both informative and experiential. At the heart of our design philosophy is the belief that exhibitions should challenge visitors to think and discover new perspectives on the world. Our popular Habitare materials concept features a comprehensive, playful and immersive material library, encouraging the exhibition viewers to get involved in the design process.


With each building and construction project, we take into account the specific location, weather, culture, and future needs. We believe that well-aged structures and materials are important cultural and physical resources and that preserving the past is as important as building for the future. We aim to leave as much as possible untouched and utilise the existing building components—and, when required, use recycled and upcycled materials. This approach helps reduce waste and creates sustainable, repairable solutions that last for generations to come.


Our approach to urban planning is human-centric and future-focused, acknowledging that public spaces are essential to the urban ecosystem. We design urban areas that foster a sense of community and belonging among citizens, while preserving the biodiversity of the city. Our collaborative efforts with landscape architects and ecologists contribute to this important goal.


Historical surveys of buildings uncover the untold stories of the built environment and increase our appreciation for it. They are often conducted to help with repair design, but we also document demolished buildings for museum archives. The process involves researching, taking inventory, and documenting archives and artefacts to thoroughly understand the building’s history, structure, function, and architectural importance. Ultimately, these surveys provide valuable knowledge about the building’s past and improve our understanding of it.

About us

We are Maria Klemetti Laine and Jussi Laine - the founders of NEMO architects dedicated to improving people's daily lives through sustainable and functional design. 

With over two decades of extensive experience in architecture, urban planning, renovation work and interior design, we are passionate about creating beautiful objects, buildings and environments that stand the test of time. 

Our philosophy is inspired by the Latin word "nemo," meaning "no one," with the purpose of integrating design into everyday life and making it more accessible to everyone. Based in Helsinki, Finland we work both locally and globally and are a one-stop-shop for multidisciplinary expertise. 

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